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How did you go about creating your 7 step process?

Where this process came from – I wanted to create a process that would serve as a roadmap to someone new to this approach and new to self-directed healing.  When you first decide to take charge of your own health, it can be a scary and lonely thing.

So I designed the process based on my own experience, and that of my clients.  Then I interviewed several women who had taken charge of their own health – about their own process and journey.  I wanted to see if they would confirm my experience.  And they did.  Everyone’s journey is different, but there are key similarities, and those similarities became the basis for the 7 step process.


The Need for Self-direction

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.”
– Richard Bach

The first thing to notice about self-direction is that you’re already doing it. You already make choices and decisions about your own health and health care, whether in a completely independent way or by way of choosing your doctor and following her advice. You’re already responsible for your health choices. The question to ask yourself is how conscious are you of that responsibility?