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Encounters With the Law of Attraction

I first heard the concept of “you create your own reality” from a friend, and then I discovered the Seth Material, primarily a book titled The Nature of Personal Reality (as channeled by Jane Roberts). After that I found myself a psychologist/mentor who believed it, and I became a part of a community of people who all believed this to be true, and we worked together to figure out how to act accordingly.

Consciously Creating Success Group
We formed a group called “Consciously Creating Success Group” (a.k.a CCS or Success Group for short). We took as our common language, the language of metaphysics, mostly as taught by Lazaris ( We spent (and still do spend) an evening together every couple of weeks discussing what success means, what happens when you pay more attention to success than failure (you get more of it) and sharing our successes.

We learned to process what stands in the way of success, in order to clear out the obstacles. We learned the intricate balance of “I create it all” and “what I create has real impact – on me and on others”. We learned to take responsibility for that impact, without blame, without judgment, with compassion.

Once we all went to see a play together called “Amazing Grace” in which the main character explains it this way: “we create it all – the whole enchilada”. In other words, there is no fine print that says, “we create it all except when…”, although sometimes we wish there were.

The way I would describe “law of attraction” is to say that “like attracts like”, meaning we attract those with similar energies or vibrational frequencies. But it does get complicated! We also attract those who want to play the same game we want to play (ala Eric Berne’s book Games People Play for example). So one may be the victim and one the persecutor, but both want to play the same game. Likewise, we can attract people who want to create similarly positive futures. And by changing my frequency, I can change who and what I attract into my reality.

And we can take advantage of a phenomenon called “entrainment”, which says that when two or more bodies are vibrating in the same space, they will tend to start vibrating at the same frequency. When a high frequency is held, lower frequencies will start moving up. So if you want to improve your resonance, you want to be around those with a higher resonance. You can also choose to hold a higher resonance yourself for others. Some call that “being a beacon”.

The law of attraction is also about affirmations – affirming that what we want to be – is. On the premise that what we give our energy to – we get more of. I find it valuable to affirm something, and then look for signs that it is coming to be.

Often I will first process something that I want to create, but know that I need to clear out obstacles. Then I will program the reality I want (through visualization and affirmation), and then I begin watching for clues that the new reality is coming in. That’s not to say, give my power away to the external manifestation. It is to say, knowing it will happen; celebrate the signs as they show up.

My Personal Encounter
I followed this process nineteen years ago when I found my condo on the Chattahoochee River, that I love. I had been searching for a house in my preferred neighborhood, and just missed a house I liked, but was at the upper limit of my price range. Someone outbid me, and so I was beginning to rethink my choices (this was a processing point, where I needed to clear obstacles). At the time I lived in an apartment on the river, and I went down to the riverside to a special spot where I liked to talk to the river and listen for a response (a visualization point). It was a sunny day and the water was sparkling, and I realized that I didn’t want to move away and leave this place (an obstacle I chose not to overcome, but to embrace).

That was a moment of clarity, and the thought popped into my mind: I bet I could buy a condo right on this river for a price within my budget (and a specific number came to mind). I went straight home and picked up the newspaper and turned to the classifieds. There was my condo at the exact price I had in mind. I called the seller who had left a key over the door and 20 minutes later I walked into what would become my new home. That was about 2 hours from the time I got clear. It was magic!

Creating Your Reality
The thing to remember is that we are already creating our realities – so it would be incorrect to say we’re “trying” to create them. We already do – we just aren’t entirely conscious of the process. So the goal is to become more conscious.

One thing I see people get tripped up on is “why would I not create everything I want?” or “why would anyone choose to be born into ____? (Insert negative reality)”

These are really two different questions. The first one – if (IF) I’m creating it, why wouldn’t I get what I want? This question overlooks the reality of negative ego, negative beliefs, emotions, choices and decisions, and negative agendas. We create what we believe to be possible and true.

Sometimes we forget (or never knew) that reality is not objective – it is formed out of our beliefs and desires. I’ve heard it said that, on some level, if you got it – you wanted it. My task is to figure out and address the part of me (child, adolescent, adult, etc.) that is creating my reality and deal with it (listen to it, heal it…).

The second question, why would anyone choose to be born into _____, assumes too much. It assumes everyone has the same values, fears, likes and dislikes. It assumes that one experience is intrinsically better than another.

I believe that we choose the circumstances we’re born into because we think they are going to give us the best chance of learning what we want to in this lifetime. But here’s the fun part: When we make that choice, we are not in some perfect all-knowing place! Sometimes we overdo it. Sometimes we choose wrong.

The good news is we can change our choices now. We can’t change who our parents are (or other circumstances we might not like), but we can choose how much we perpetuate their impact on us.

We can, in fact, create a whole new life for ourselves that is not a product of our past. As you can see, it is an intricate thing to learn, this “law of attraction” thinking, but what better way to spend our time?