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If I could take away one key learning from your book/website, what would that be?

It’s all about the approach.

You can think of this approach as being about building a toolkit.  Dietary choices, lifestyle changes, treatments, supplements, health care providers.

It’s not about the one right way.  It’s not even about the tools in the toolkit.  It’s all about the approach of having a variety of ways to help ourselves.

And listening to our bodies as we decide what tools belong in our toolkit for TODAY, because we constantly change over time and our needs change as well.

There’s a quote that I love, from Candice Pert (author of Molecules of Emotion):

“Our bodies are more like a flickering flame than a hunk of meat.”

Since we constantly change over the living of our lives, it makes sense that the best approach to health would be learning to tap into the messages our bodies are always sending.  We are already a perfect creation.  We just need to remember the language of our bodies.

Why can’t I just find the right solution that works for everyone – for a given condition? Isn’t it just a matter of finding a cure?

Sometimes you can just find a cure.  But it’s not unusual for one cure to lead to new problems.  How many people go on drugs for chronic conditions, only to discover that their drugs are causing high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, and now they need a drug for that?

The problem with finding a solution that always works for everyone is something called bio-individuality.  One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.  We are all very individual in our health needs, and a good approach will take that into account.