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Doesn’t healing occur on more than just a physical level?

Absolutely.  My approach recognizes that healing occurs on many levels. There are four dimensions in particular in which healing can occur and in which issues can arise.   They are as follows:

Physical: Includes issues, illness, physical pain and dysfunction. Often problems manifesting on the physical level are caused by imbalances in the other three levels.

 Emotional: All feelings, sensing and intuition occur in this dimension. Intuition is an example of a feeling that can overlap to the other dimensions. For example, physical pain can be caused by intuition trying to make itself heard.

 Mental: The mental dimension includes thoughts, visions and ideas. It may be associated with the head, eyes, and sometimes the heart.

 Spiritual: A dimension that goes beyond the physical, the spiritual often comes into play in healing. People experience the influence of Soul and Spirit in this dimension, and a sense of something larger than themselves.