About the Book

“This is an important and very timely book. At the time when the “big” healthcare industry is failing us and our country’s state of health is beyond alarming, Redesigning Your Health (RYH) is providing us with a much needed roadmap to get us out of this nightmare. I loved, loved, loved how Laura guided me through a new way of thinking about getting involved in my own “wellness adventure” as she calls it.”
– Emmanuelle Galland

Redesigning Your Health helps readers stay in charge of their health even in the most challenging of circumstances. Through personal stories, a simple 7 step process and examples from her and other people’s healing journeys, Laura will teach you how to:

  • Tackle your health choices with a proven method that you can always use no matter what the situation.
  • Gain confidence in all your health choices.
  • Know what to expect at every stage of the healing journey.
  • Stay in the driver’s seat with any health care provider – medical doctor, chiropractor or naturopath

The Road Map to Self-directed Healing explored in this book will give you:

  • A synergistic, choice-centered approach you can tailor to your needs and preferences.
  • Flexibility to start where you are and chart your own course.
  • Triptychs: Profiles from Laura’s experience and those of the people she interviewed who have taken charge of their own health, illuminating various routes through the terrain.
  • The tools and techniques to follow, putting you in charge of your health.
  • A simple guide for navigating the complexities of self-directed health.

“Laura has built a strong bridge between the often confusing worlds of Alternative and Allopathic healthcare, creating a razor sharp and well researched argument for creating a self empowering approach to healthcare that works for you, not against you …  Her approach is grounded in science yet is completely integrative. She advocates empowerment, not power over. I absolutely love what she has to say.” –  Beth Schreibman Gehring

“My sessions with Laura have been the highlight of my last month. She has helped me to have so many Aha! Light bulb moments, and I am already seeing great improvement in my own health. “ – Cara Nitz, fitness instructor and blogger at Your World: Healthy and Natural

About the Author

When Laura was 26 years old, she first took charge of her own health, after years of dealing with issues for which conventional medicine had few answers. She realized that she was her own best expert, and couldn’t stop exploring, researching and pursuing holistic approaches to wellness.

And the rest … is history. As a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Intuitive Wellness, she’s deeply passionate about inspiring others to learn to take responsibility for their own health and healing.

When she’s not working in her organic kitchen garden, you can find her swimming at the Y, practicing Qi Gong and yoga, coaching clients on Integrative Nutrition and conducting process improvement projects in corporations.

Published by:

Chattahoochee Chase Publishing