About the Author


When Laura was 26 years old, she first took charge of her own health, after years of dealing with conditions (like allergies, digestive problems and anxiety) for which conventional medicine had few answers.

She realized that she was her own best expert, and couldn’t stop exploring, researching and pursuing holistic approaches to wellness.

And the rest … is history.

As a serial entrepreneur and the author of Redesigning Your Health – A Road Map to Self-directed Healing (Chattahoochee Chase Publishing, September 2014), she’s deeply passionate about inspiring others to learn to take responsibility for their own health and healing.

One client described her as “a wise woman,” while another declared her to be “a life saver”!

When she’s not working in her organic kitchen garden, you can find her swimming at the Y, practicing Qi Gong and yoga, teaching on health topics such as brain health, longevity and how people can take charge of their own healing, and conducting process improvement projects in corporations.